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Top News from the areas of
aerospace, the Turkish economy and outsourcing

July 2014

Koç Consulting celebrated its 10th anniversary.

June 2014

Koç Consulting consulted the Airbus Group for the Market Analysis and Aircraft Part Production Project in Turkey.

June 2014

“Why does the sky not fall on our head?”, an aerospace bestseller written by Mr. Aydoğan Koç, is being published in chapters on the TAA Monthly Magazine.

May 2014

A delegation from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Turkish Aerospace Technologies General Directorate, Turkish Airlines, TAI, Koç Consulting and the Dornier Group visited the Dornier 928 prototype Aircraft at the Berlin ILA Expo.

March 2014

TAA Aircraft Company has moved their headquarters to the new hangar and headquarters building in TAA Etimesgut Ankara airport facilities.

January 2014

Mr. Aydoğan Koç, presented the Turkish Regional Passenger Aircraft Project, Dornier 928 to Mr. Temel Kotil, President and CEO of Turkish Airlines Inc. in the Headquarters of THY.

December 2013

Mr. Aydoğan Koç, Mr. Iren Dornier – owner and CEO of the Dornier Group, and their accompanying delegation, have met our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Binali Yıldırım in his office to present the Turkish Regional Passenger Aircraft Project, Dornier 928.

February 2013

In February 2013, Koç Consulting and THK Aircraft Company have moved their headquarters to Tepe Prime Plaza, Ankara.

Aralık 2011

On December 2nd , 2011, Mr. Aydoğan Koç has established the TAA Aircraft Company, in partnership with the Turkish Aeronautical Association, to design and produce Turkey’s first civil light aircraft.

An Interview on "thebusinessyear" Turkey 2011 about Aydogan Koc

The article can be
downloaded in our
article section

An Interview on Habertürk' TV about Aydogan Koc and his plan to build sport - and training aircrafts in Turkey
Office of the Prime Minister, Directorate General of Press and Information:
Turkish-German Entrepreneur Plans to produce small Planes

The article can be downloaded in our article section

From the aircraft development to process consulting: KOCCONSULTING.
In the actual edition of the IstanbulPost newspaper in May 2010 an exclusive article about KOCCONSULTING and the CEO Mr. Aydogan Koc has been published. The article can be downloaded in our article section
Speech of Aydogan Koc at “SINERJITURK-DEFENCE’10” event
The second “SinerjiTurk – Defence” Conference took place on 25th - 28th of February 2010 in Antalya, Mardan Palace Hotel. Officials and executive representatives from the Turkish Government and the Turkish Armed Forces and governmental institutions, such as:
  • Vecdi Gönül, Turkish Defence Minister
  • Murad Bayar, Turkish Defence Industries Undersecretary
  • Cemal Alagöz, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Group Leader Retired Brigadier General
  • Dr. Murat Yalçıntaş, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman
  • Ali Boğa, Industry Ministry Undersecretary and
  • Alpaslan Korkmaz, Investment Agency Chairman have participated in the event.
In the “cooperation” session of this event, where keynote speeches and contributions from aerospace and defence experts were given, KOCCONSULTING's General Manager Mr. Aydogan Koc gave a speech on the history & development of space projects & technologies and international space business. Mr. Koc highlighted the upcoming challenges and even more the opportunities of the Turkish Aerospace and Defence Industry for future Turkish space activities.
KOCCONSULTING participated at SINERJITURK-DEFENCE´08 Conference in Antalya
Mr. Aydogan Koc, the CEO of Koc Consulting, participated from 25th to 28th December 2008 at the SINERJITURK-DEFENCE´08 Conference in Antalya / Turkey. During the conference the current status of Turkish defence companies and their future development have been discussed.

The Turkish Defence Minister Vecdi Gönül participated as a speaker; the conference chairman was Turkish Defence Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar. Business representatives from Turkey’s aerospace and defence sector as well as experts from U.S.A. and Europe took part in the conference. Mr Aydogan Koc gave a presentation about the development of the national and international market environment for the Turkish Defence Industry and its effects on the development of the defence sector in Turkey.

Mr. Aydogan Koc, the CEO of KOCCONSULTING visited Mr. Cengiz Ergeneman, the General Manager of ASELSAN on 8th of October 2008 at the headquarters of Aselsan in Ankara.

ASELSAN, which was established in 1975, to meet the communications electronics requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, today is one of the biggest defence company in Turkey and has expanded its activities beyond the borders of Turkey.

According to the field of activities ASELSAN has been organized in four main divisions:

  • Communications Division (HC)
  • Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems (REHİS)
  • Defence Systems Technologies (SST)
  • Microelectronics, Guidance & Electro-Optics Division (MGEO)
During the meeting actual and future developments of the Turkish and international Defence markets have been discussed.

Mr Koc said, that he felt very honoured by the warm welcome of Mr. Ergeneman and was deeply impressed by the professionalism and high standards ASELSAN has already achieved. He also expressed that he is convinced that ASELSAN as one of the key players in the Turkish defence market still has a lot of potential on international level and will surely achieve all its goals.

KOCCONSULTING in Turkish TV show on ATA TV
Our General Manager, Mr Aydogan Koc, had the possibility to present KOCCONSULTING during the "Projeden Ihaleye" show on ATA TV and answered current questions from the Aerospace and Defence sector.

Extracts of the show can be found here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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29.01.2007 - Further article on KOCCONSULTING published
Zaman, a Turkey-based newspaper has published an article in its English edition. This proves that KOCCONSULTING is already well recognized as a consulting firm in Turkey. The article can be found here.

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17.10.2006 - Article about KOCCONSULTING in Turkish Aerospace and Defense
In the actual edition of Turkish Aerospace and Defense an exclusive article about KOCCONSULTING and the CEO Mr. Aydogan Koc has been published. The article can be downloaded in our article section
25.09.2006 - The new website of KOCCONSULTING is online
You will find an overview of our consulting services as well as references of our projects. With this website KOCCONSULTING also extends the service for visitors:

Introducing a service for news, you will get a summary of the latest information of recent events in the
  • Aerospace industry
  • Turkey
  • IT Sector
every week.

News about KOCCONSULTING will be published to keep you updated on the latest development within our consulting network.

As a second premium service we will publish articles and reports prepared by our consultants, to be downloaded by our visitors for free.

So enjoy your stay on our site and feel free to give us feedback.